Frequently asked questions

Buying and Selling Bitcoin Online

How are buyers protected from Scams?

Every online trade is protected by escrow. From the seller’s CC marketplace wallet the amount of Bitcoins required for a particular trade is automatically reserved with the start of the trade. In a case where seller may disappear with your money without releasing your Bitcoins CC marketplace, support will release your Bitcoins from Escrow. If you may want to sell Bitcoins, it is advised to not release the escrow before making sure that you have received money from the Bitcoin Buyer. Please keep in mind that escrow is disabled by default in local trades.

Is it possible to buy less than one Bitcoin? How much does it cost to buy one Bitcoin?

Sure why not! In each advertisement you will come across a thing called “limits”. It will show you the least and maximum amount of Bitcoins you can buy for the advertisement. Bitcoins can be divided into very small fragments, the smallest being “one satoshi” which is equal to 0.00000001 BTC. Price of a Bitcoin for a particular advertisement is shown as currency per Bitcoin next to each advertisement on the website. For instance, buying Bitcoins with US dollars would look something like this 6032 USD / BTC. Which means that to buy a Bitcoin requires 6032 US dollars.

Why is buying with PayPal or Credit Card so expensive? Why are other payment methods cheaper?

Amazingly, contrary to traditional currencies, Bitcoin allows you to control your money. Since most traditional transactions can be reversed, a transaction carried out using Bitcoins cannot be reversed. Which creates a risk for the Bitcoin seller since PayPal or a bank can take the money someone paid him out of his account even after he has sent the Bitcoins away. In order to protect against this risk, some traders keep a higher price for certain payment methods. Our recommendation, in this case, would be to use a hard to reverse kind of payment method, for example, mobile payments, bank transfers or a Cash deposit. Browse all payment methods before buying a Bitcoin by selecting the option “all online offers” and choose the option which gets you the best price and is most convenient.

What will happen if the seller does not give me Bitcoins even after I have bought them?

Our all online transactions are protected by Escrow to avoid such frauds. Once a trade is initiated, the Bitcoin amount required for the particular trade is taken from seller’s wallet and held at cryptocurrency marketplace till the time trade is complete. In case of a sale scam, you can easily open a dispute over the trade and our staff will contact you to provide evidence that you have paid and then the Bitcoins will be released to you.

How to differentiate between a local trade and an online trade?

Online trading would be carried out entirely on an online trading platform which means you will never get to meet your trading partner. As a buyer you will be protected by Escrow system since it is automatically enabled and funded for online trades. Majority of trades on CC marketplace are online trades Local trades are carried out face to face, therefore escrow is not automatically enabled. Therefore it is not advisable to pay the seller using an online payment method. Online payment methods include; PayPal, Bank transfers, Gift card codes etc.

How can I pay using bitcoins once I have bought them and How do I send Bitcoins?

Bitcoins will appear in your Cryptocurrency marketplace wallet if you have purchased them using crypto From you Cryptocurrency marketplace wallet you can send Bitcoins to other Bitcoin addresses. As a vast majority of Bitcoin services are compatible with each other, the Bitcoins you would have in your CC marketplace wallet will work in local shops that accept Bitcoins and at your favourite online stores that accept Bitcoins. In order to send Bitcoins, here is the procedure. 1. In your CC marketplace wallet enter the receivers address 2. Select the amount you wish to send 3. Click “Send” On the next page you will be required to review the details you have entered and enter your password (in case there is a 2FA activated you will also be required to enter two factor authentication code) to complete the transaction. Please note that in certain specific situations your cryptocurrency marketplace Wallet cannot be used. For example, you will be not able to use it with sites like “satoshidice” since it returns Bitcoins to the sending address. Also, the Bitcoins which are newly generated using mining cannot be sent to your CC marketplace wallet.

How to buy crypto currency?

Easy way to buy or sell bitcoin, etherium, litecoin, iota or dash

1. Sign-up for an account 2. Authorise email 3. Authorise phone 4. Verify ID authentification (part of KYC) 5. Place sell or buy crypto trade orders online

Trade on DEX

Decentralized exchange for all ERC-20 tokens

Free decentralized exchange to support all ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens (next update) All you need is just a MetaMask